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2x2 pack 2 jours pour le Duplex - Electronic Weekend à Fri-Son
2x2 pack 2 jours pour le Duplex - Electronic Weekend à Fri-Son Neurocide & Flashcut present: DUPLEX Electronic Weekend 2015 Another year, another DUPLEX! That's right, we're back again to unleash the beats and take over the one and only Fri-Son venue! Once more making you vibrate to the sounds of electronic music over a whole weekend! For the fourth edition of this monster event, we have a number of international acts on their way, sure to please even the most demanding of music lovers! From house to dubstep, techno to drum & bass and even the odd trap set, there's tunes for everyone at this year's outing. Not only that but we'll be bringing several visual artists to the forefront as well, with a range of multimedia projects that will literally blow your mind! And don't forget that all this will be going on until the first rays of the sun appear in the sky: prolonged opening hours mean the basses will be thumping until 5AM as opposed to the usual 3AM curfew! Meaning that you had better start getting in shape and your dancing shoes polished because you're going to need both come May. So let us take you on a journey once more, into sound and out the other side, bursting through every colour of the spectrum as we give you our tribute to electronic culture: DUPLEX 2015! This year we have the pleasure to welcome Max Graef, Credit 00, Marcel Vogel, Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie, Axiom, Ab&Artig, Sonidy & Phil Karg! But that's not all, more acts are yet to be announced, so stay tuned to our Facebook page for the latest news! INFO Date: 15.05.2015 - 16.05.2015 Hours: 22:00 - 05:00 Address: Fri-Son, Rte de la Fonderie 13, 1705 Fribourg
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Drum'n'bass - Supabreaks ft Dj Flax, Dom K b2b Min 1x2 entrée 29.5.2015 La Cave du Bleu Lezard

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