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Behavior Rules

The following regulations apply both to public and private chats, comments on pictures and messages.

1.1 Do unto others as you would have them do to you!

No swear words or insults – no discrimination based on sex, political or religious views – no threats of violence or persecution. You can block members whom you feel are hassling you. Then they can no longer contact you in this way via our platform. The administrators ensure peace and order in chat. Contact them, including via e-mail (incl. print screen and description) to info@tilllate.com if you are being pestered.

1.2 No spam / no advertising

The following are prohibited: - Senseless repetition of words, sentences or smilies – sending advertising / links for products, parties or other websites – sending the same message to several persons in private chat. Writing about events, links, etc. in messages.

1.3 No immoral or questionable offers or illegal statements

The following items are not permitted on tilllate.com (chat and member pages). Report violations of this without undue delay, and do not forget to save the print screen from the chat or the entry before you delete it. Requests for photo shootings or castings. (tilllate.com is not a model agency!) – immoral offers (prostitution, etc.) – glorification of violence or illegal drugs – pornography – threats of violence or persecution

1.4 No foreign languages

The public chat is a space, in which discussions are held, which all participants should be able to understand and participate in. Consequently, you are to use the language indicated in the public chat. In other words, the customary language of the area is to be used. Whoever wants to communicate in a foreign language, should do this via the private chat.

Only texts and pictures may be published on the member homepage, for which you have the copyright. In addition, you must be clearly recognizable on the pictures. If you publish pictures of other people or provide false information on your member page (e.g., sex), your member page will be blocked without advance warning.

3.1 Always write comments as you would like to see them with your pictures and in stories.

Do not make comments that contain negative statements about the appearance of the photographed person/s, which discriminate against the sex, political or religious views, contain racist statements, are questionable or pornographic or threaten violence or persecution.

3.2 No advertising for products, parties or other websites

Comments and messages may not be abused for advertising purposes. Offers concerning guest lists or similar matters are to be entered via the event administration or the organizers. They are not permitted as comments! Report comments to us that violate these rules.

Only tag your own pictures, on which you can really be seen, with your name tag.

4.1 Tagging as your own picture

It is prohibited to tag pictures from others (on which you are not shown) with your name tag. The name may only be tagged on pictures, on which you can be recognized clearly. If you want to tag a picture to find it later or on which there is a landscape, for example, add it to your favorites via the bookmark icon.

4.2 Uploading your own pictures

On principle, you may only upload pictures to your member page, on which you can be seen and for which you have the copyright. The following pictures are not permitted on tilllate.com: – Questionable and obscene pictures (genitals and all other kinds of pornographic content) – illegal pictures (glorification of violence and illegal drugs) – depictions of radical political groups (e.g., swastika)

tilllate.com reserves the right to block member accounts of members, who act in breach of these regulations, without advance notice. The Internet is not an unlegislated area. Your member name and your IP address are stored at each login to tilllate.com. Using this information, your identity can be discovered in an investigation of a crime. In the case of serious or repeated violations, you will be expelled completely from our service. tilllate.com expressly reserves the right to take legal action.


Do you have a problem on the website? Ask us directly over info@tilllate.com or write a message in the contact form:


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